Why you should learn a second language?

Humans are unique living beings due to their advanced ability to communicate with each other, to transfer information throughout generations and share it with other people with completely different cultural and ethnic background. This is achieved through the universal and yet unique mean of communication – the language.

But nobody chooses where to be born and what their mother language should be. Yet, once we grow up we start to realize how vast and interesting this world is. We begin to see how much there is to be learned from other people, cultures, and religions. Naturally, this realization brings the desire to explore and learn more and more about the world around us.

So, what better way to start learning about the wonders of this world, about the different people with their unique cultures and religions than to learn to communicate with them through their own language?

Many people are fascinated by the beauty of the different languages around the world and yet they don’t begin the awesome journey of learning a second language just because they make themselves believe that they can’t do it. But this is simply not true, as there is nothing a person can’t achieve with will and dedication!

So, here are 10 reasons you should learn a second language, which we hope will motivate you to take this step and open the door to an entirely new world filled with awesome experiences and great new opportunities!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Discover new job opportunities
business desk

Yes, you can always become a language teacher or a professional translator if you know another language on a high enough level. But even if your knowledge of the language isn’t flawless, it still can bring you a lot of new job opportunities.

Today we are living in a world of unlimited possibilities and there are many people who choose to make their business international. These companies are looking for more and more employees who are speaking more than one language, as there is always the need for communication with foreign clients and partners.

Furthermore, even if there is no actual need to speak a second language for the job you’ve chosen to apply for, its addition to your biography can give you an edge over the competition.

2. Learn more about a different culture

There isn’t a better way to learn about a different culture than to learn to speak and write its native language. No matter how many documentaries you watch and how many books you read on the matter, you will never be exposed any better to the traditions, beliefs, and history of its people than to learn their language.

After all, language is considered by many to be a door to the culture of the people associated with it. By learning to use the language you will be able to understand how the native to it people think and discover more about their way of life and their world as a whole.

3. Enjoy foreign pieces of literature in their original form

arabic culture

There are many translations of great pieces of literature on many different languages across the world, so people from all cultures and backgrounds can altogether enjoy them. But despite the best efforts of the translators, not everything can be quite literally translated in another language, as there are specific to each culture expression and ideas that people from other countries might have difficulties to understand or might be interpreted in a wrong way.

This means that if you are reading a piece of literature in its original language, then you will be able to enjoy it in its pure form. This is especially true for the classic pieces of work of writers who have lived centuries ago which have to convey ideas unique to their time.

4. Improve your decision making and gain confidence

Studies show that bilingual people are far more confident in taking important decisions and that far more often are making the right choice for them. This is because we often make decisions based on our emotions, which may not be the most logical and profitable option for us.

But if we try to make a decision in our second language we have to be more focused because it will take much more brain activity to activate the parts of your brain that are responsible for the use of that language and the parts responsible for the thought process at the same time. The result from this is the ability to think more clearly and to be more confident in your choices.

5. Improve your learning skills

learning another language

Learning a new language is quite a challenge for your brain, especially if the language has completely different origins from your own. For example, if you are a native English speaker you will find it way easier to learn Spanish than to learn Chinese. Of course, how hard it is to learn a new language depends on many other factors such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, etc., but you get the point.

People who have already learned a second language find it way easier to learn another one. This is because while studying a foreign language your brain also figures how to learn efficiently. You find out where to start from and how to continue, what to avoid and on which details you should focus on, so you become aware of the learning process itself. With this knowledge, everything becomes more clear and simple for you, as you are prepared to take on every language in the world!

6. Learn more about your own culture

Yes, by learning a foreign language you will discover a whole different culture with its unique features, but you will also find so much more about your own. You see, the way we think, the way we perceive the world and the universal truths we are thought of from a young age are all part of our culture. So, in reality, we don’t get an entire view of the overall picture.

By learning a second language you will find out how the different people think and what their perceptions of the world are. You will be able to compare them to your own and figure if the things you’ve learned so far contradict or corroborate. As a result, you will be able to see the world from a whole different perspective and get to see your own thoughts and believes from outsider’s point of view.

7. Become a more interesting person

As we’ve already mentioned so many times in this article, you will learn so much more about another culture, other people and about a whole different world overall. This means that you will have so much to share with your relatives and friends. Furthermore, during this journey, you will be able to meet many people with similar interests as you and you will be able to share with each other your experience so far.

Also, many people will simply be fascinated to hear how you’ve gathered the will and dedication to learn a new language from scratch. The chances are that they themselves want to begin this journey, but as we’ve already talked about in the beginning they are simply not sure if they can do it. So, your story might be the motivation they need to start learning a new language themselves.

8. Meet new people and make long-lasting friendships

You will be able to meet people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and cultures that share similar interests with you. You will be able to hear their story and share with them yours. You will be able to discover that despite all our differences, we can have so much in common.

Those new friendships might open the door for you for a journey across the world to see its wonders. You might be able to find job opportunities you’ve never even imagined. You might also discover the person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with, as everything that might set you apart now is the lack of common language.

Learning a second language is truly an amazing and rewarding experience that can open so many doors before you in both personal and professional aspect. There is nothing stopping you from begging this journey now! So, start learning a second language now and discover the world as you’ve done before!

If you are wondering what language you should begin with, you might consider Arabic to be the best choice for you! Learn more about the Arabic language here!