Our Effective Arabic Learning Approach


Think About This...
Could You Build A Car From Scratch?

To make learning Arabic effective and easy let's take a look at the following scenario.

Everyone uses and loves cars the world over. What if I was to say to you to go and build a car. Not only would the assignment be very hard, but I would say the task would be almost next to impossible to complete by yourself.

However, we'll change the circumstances and look at it from a different perspective.

Try to build a car, but this time... you'll have master mechanics (see our team) sitting next to you every step of the way. They'll give you a schematic, with clear-cut directions and instructions of what to do and in what order. To make your job easier, they'll even give you a list of every single tool you would ever need. Not just any tool, but the right tool to make your job faster and easier.

Yes, it still would take some work, but now it's more manageable and much easier to finish the mission.

This is exactly what our program has been designed for when you want to learn Arabic in a structured, bite-sized manner. Path to Arabic will give you a clear sense of direction and a route to achieve your goals.

After years of learning how to best teach the Arabic language to English speakers, we came up with ‘what works’.

It makes a difference to have a real person guiding you in English in every step of the way.
Get great explanations to help you understand faster and clearer
You’ll learn useful and relevant material from day one. We’ve designed a unique workout that will engage you, helping you to develop, retain, and practice what you have learnt in each tutorial.

Our Effective Arabic Learning Approach

We believe that learning a new language should be fun, easy, and exciting. By following the structured and proven approach and methodology, we call 'Arabic Organic Immersion' you’ll feel stimulated to quickly learn Arabic by vastly increasing your comprehension. This results in higher retention and improves your organic learning skills which in turn helps you to understand Arabic better, remember more and build on what you've already learnt.

We'll ensure you'll learn the common and everyday practical Arabic conversation skills in a step by step 'bite-sized' manner that encourages your participation in the 4 key components by using different engaging Arabic activities through each lesson. From the moment you log in, you'll have access to dozens of Arabic tutorials, all organised in an easy to follow step-by-step Arabic program.

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