Beginner to Advance Arabic language learning can be exciting and fun

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Learning Arabic - Beginner, Intermediate, Upper
Intermediate, and Advanced Levels

At Path to Arabic, we've developed a new Arabic learning approach specifically to help you learn Arabic as efficiently as possible. Path to Arabic is ideal for any Arabic learner. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, you can start the Arabic course at the right level for you. Sign up to learn Arabic and get:

Instant access to over 200 video-based lessons

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Live Private Classes with native Arabic teachers

Interactive experiences and quizzes

Step-by-step learning with a proven methodology

Practical Arabic Learning

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Path to Arabic - Learning Arabic Overview

4 Levels - Beginner to Advanced

On the Path to Arabic platform, you'll get access to 4 different levels with various lessons. Each lesson was designed to progress through the Arabic learning in a step-by-step bite-sized manner to ensure you absorb the content and keep motivated.

Level 1 - Arabic Beginners

On the first few lessons of Level 1, students will get familiar with the basics of the Arabic language. You'll learn the alphabet and the structure of the language. Through fun and practical Arabic learning, students will learn a lot of vocabulary, grammar, and structure.

By the end of level 1, students will be able to form sentences and carry on small conversations in a day-to-day Arabic environment.

Arabic Beginners

Level 2 - Arabic Intermediate

On Level 2, as the Arabic learners progress through the Path to Arabic, they will dive deeper into building more challenging sentences, such as questions, negations, and the past tense. Also, you will reinforce vocabulary and add more words to your Arabic repertoire.

Once you finish level 2, you'll be able to take your Arabic interactions much further, in speaking, listening, writing and understanding.

Level 3 - Arabic Upper Intermediate

For Arabic students in the Upper Intermediate level, the lessons will focus on important verb tenses, compositions, and variations of the language. At this level, students have a good understanding of the Arabic language, and the goal is to take it one step further in each class.

When you conclude level 3, you will have a great understanding of the language and its structure.

Arabic Upper Intermediate

Level 4 - Arabic Advanced

At the advanced level, students can learn complex vocabulary and grammatical structures. The lessons will cover participles, specific verbs, vocative, appositives and much more.

By completing level 4, you'll get a thorough understanding and command of the Arabic language.

Video-based learning with over 200 video lessons

Live private lessons with native speakers

Practical Arabic learning through interaction

Keep track of your progress with the statistics

Easy-to-use and intuitive interfece

Structured learning through a proven methodology

Choose your favorite instructor

No long term commitment

What's included in the Path to Arabic subscription

With over 200 videos and interactive activities. Path to Arabic is a highly effective learning tool.

Access to all 4 levels
Live Private Classes
Access to the Arabic Engage program
Access to the Arabic Unlock program
A certificate for each completed level
Priority support from our native speakers

100% Risk-free guarantee

If within the first 30 days from the date you sign up, you aren't happy with the platform, you'll get your money back. We do this because we know the platform, the methodology and the lessons work, and since it's risk-free, you have nothing to lose by giving Path to Arabic a chance.

Arabic conversation practice

Through the scheduled private lessons with native speakers, the student gets a unique opportunity to practice Arabic in a real scenario, which is essential when learning a new language. The native teachers are eager to help each student grow.

Cultural immersion

The key to learning Arabic is to immerse yourself in the culture and have access to different content in Arabic. With Path to Arabic, you get access to a library full of resources in Arabic that can help you engage with the language in a fun and unusual environment.

Arabic from the Roots eBook

This eBook is an amazing resource for Arabic learners because it helps you learn more about the language and its origins. Getting access to multiple types of resources can help you learn Arabic more effectively.

Dedicated study advisor

Having a dedicated study advisor can be a fantastic way to stay on track and motivated with your Arabic studies. Our advisor can help you find other resources, schedule private lessons and help you get pass hurdles when you feel stuck in your Arabic learning development.

The secret to learning Arabic

With the Arabic Organic Immersion methodology, you'll be able to learn Arabic at your own pace while having fun.

Through our own learning experiences and many of our students' experiences, we 've noticed that the key to learning Arabic is to enjoy the process. When it comes to tackling the Arabic language, having fun and staying motivated are an absolute must.

At Path to Arabic, we strive for creating fun and engaging classes continuously to make sure you enjoy every Arabic learning moment. Your study advisor and the priority support with native teachers are here to assure you and that you are not alone in your learning Arabic journey. The Path to Arabic is here and eager to help you progress at all times.

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