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All of our video-based Arabic lessons are provided through our Arabic Engage program where we cater for anyone wanting to learn Arabic from beginners through to advanced levels no matter what your ability is. And what's best is you can study and learn at your own pace and at any time.

By following our expert native speaking teachers you'll know you will be able to speak, understand, read and write Arabic positively, effectively and with confidence in a very short time.

Check our curriculum below and see what range of lessons we provide.

Our Effective Arabic Learning Approach

We believe that learning a new language should be fun, easy, and exciting. By following the structured and proven approach and methodology, we call "Arabic Organic Immersion" you’ll feel stimulated to quickly learn Arabic by vastly increasing your comprehension. This results in higher retention and improves your organic learning skills which in turn helps you to understand Arabic better, remember more and build on what you've already learnt.

We'll ensure you'll learn the common and everyday practical Arabic conversation skills in a step by step 'bite sized' manner that encourages your participation in the 4 key components by using different engaging Arabic activities through each lesson. From the moment you log in, you'll have access to dozens of Arabic tutorials, all organised in an easy to follow step-by-step Arabic program.

Level 1 - Arabic Beginners

Lesson 1: The Alphabet (Pronunciation and Connecting Letters) – Part 1

Lesson 2: The Alphabet (More Pronunciations and Connecting Letters) – Part 2

Lesson 3: The Alphabet (Concluding Letters and Pronunciations) – Part 3

Lesson 4: Vowels (Altashkeel)

Lesson 5: Demonstrative Adjectives

Lesson 6: Masculine and feminine

Lesson 7: Question (yes & no question)

Lesson 8: Greetings

Lesson 9: (Singular) Pronouns

Lesson 10: The definite article (ال)

Lesson 11: The Nesba Adjective

Lesson 12: Numbers 1 to 10 and the Days of the Week

Lesson 13: Possessive Endings and how to Describe Yourself and your Family

Lesson 14: The Idaffa (Possessive Construction)

Lesson 15: Describing the Weather

Lesson 16: Dual Form

Lesson 17: Plural Form

Lesson 18: Plural Pronouns and Possessive Endings with Plural Nouns

Lesson 19: Vocabulary on Household Items

Lesson 20: How to Ask Questions using the Adverb “Where?”

Lesson 21: How to Ask for Directions

Lesson 22: How to Describe what You Have and Don’t Have & How to use ‘I have’

Lesson 23: Learning Vocabulary and Conversations for use in the Market

Lesson 24: Numbers 10 to 20 and How to ask “How Many?”

Lesson 25: How to form a Complete Sentence


Level 2 - Arabic Intermediate

Lesson 1: How to Use, Form and Answer Questions

Lesson 2: How to form Nominal Sentences

Lesson 3: Nominative and Genitive Ending Cases

Lesson 4: More Nominative and Genitive Ending Cases with Plural Pronouns

Lesson 5: Different Types of Predicates (Alkhabar)

Lesson 6: More Vocabulary on Household Items

Lesson 7: Learning about Colours

Lesson 8: Verbs in Present Tense with Singular Nouns

Lesson 9: More Verbs in Present Tense with Plural and Dual Verbs

Lesson 10: Learning Ordinal Numbers

Lesson 11: Questions about the subject of ‘Time’

Lesson 12: Body parts and how to Converse with the Doctor

Lesson 13: Learning Numbers up to 100

Lesson 14: How to form Verbal Sentences

Lesson 15: How to use Relative Pronouns

Lesson 16: Grammar Rules and Accusative Verb in Present Tense

Lesson 17: Negation of the Present Tense

Lesson 18: Negation of the Nominal Sentence

Lesson 19: Nominal Sentence with Fronted Predicate

Lesson 20: Verbs in Future Tense with Pronouns

Lesson 21: Subjunctive Verbs in Present Tense

Lesson 22: Learning Past Tense

Lesson 23: The Root and the Pattern

Lesson 24: Learning the Past Tense of the Verb ‘To Be’

Lesson 25: Negation of the Past Tense

Lesson 26: Forming verbs of a Root and Learning different Patterns for a verb


Level 3 - Arabic Upper Intermediate

Lesson 1: Composing Idafa and Modaf Elaihi

Lesson 2: Strong and Weak Verbs with Weak Initial Letters

Lesson 3: Strong and Weak Verbs with Pronouns

Lesson 4: Indeclinable and Declinable Verbs

Lesson 5: Nouns that ends with Ya or Alef

Lesson 6: Rules of using Past Tense

Lesson 7: Rules of using Imperative Tense

Lesson 8: Rules of using Present Tense

Lesson 9: Present Tense and Nominative Present Tense

Lesson 10: Present Tense and Subjunctive Present Tense

Lesson 11: Jussive Present Tense

Lesson 12: The Subject and Types of the Subject

Lesson 13: The Passive Subject with Past and Present Tense

Lesson 14: The Object and Types of Objects

Lesson 15: The Five Nouns

Lesson 16: Inna and its associated words with Nominal Sentences

Lesson 17: Kana and its associated words with Nominal Sentences

Lesson 18: Almizan Elsarfi

Lesson 19: Diminution and Augmentation Verbs

Lesson 20: Verbal Nouns with different Forms – Part 1

Lesson 21: Verbal Nouns with more Forms – Part 2


Level 4 - Arabic Advanced

Lesson 1: The Active Participle

Lesson 2: The Passive Participle

Lesson 3: Nouns of Place and Time

Lesson 4: Nomen Vicis and the Act Noun

Lesson 5: The Instrument and Hyperbole Nouns

Lesson 6: Looking up the Lexicon

Lesson 7: Verbs for Almost, Hope and Beginning

Lesson 8: La Alnafya Lelgans

Lesson 9: Cognate Accusatives (types of objects)

Lesson 10: Causative and Concomitant Grammar

Lesson 11: Adverbials

Lesson 12: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Lesson 13: Adverbs

Lesson 14: The Vocative

Lesson 15: Specification

Lesson 16: Numbers and Combined Numbers

Lesson 17: The Exception

Lesson 18: Appositives (Adjective)

Lesson 19: Appositives (Syndesis)

Lesson 20: Appositives (Apposition)

Lesson 21: Appositives (Affirmation)

Lesson 22: The Diptote Noun

Lesson 23: The Conditional

Lesson 24: Alef Elwasl and Hamzat Alqat’ (The Rules of Writing Hamza)


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