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Here's the answers to some of your burning questions...

Do I get any Personal Teacher Support

At Path to Arabic, we strive for creating fun and engaging classes continuously to make sure you enjoy every Arabic learning moment. Your study advisor and the priority support with native teachers are here to assure you and that you are not alone in your learning Arabic journey. Path to Arabic is here and eager to help you progress at all times.

What books do you use to teach Arabic?

We are proud to use our own content with a curriculum that was developed by our highly qualified teachers to separate ourselves from other programs to avoid repetition, and most importantly develop a program that is effective.

Can I choose my preferred teacher for the private classes?

Students can choose and select their preferred teacher for private classes in order to find the best suitable teacher for them, as we recognize that each teacher have their own teaching style.

I do not know how to read or write Arabic, will I be learning this?

Yes, as we have developed our program to teach people to read, write and speak Arabic from beginners to advanced.

Will I be able to converse in Arabic fluently once I complete your course?

Yes, if you study and dedicate yourself, you will be able to converse fluently in Arabic.

I know how to speak Arabic, but I want to advance my level, is this course right for me?

Yes, we have developed our program over 4 levels from beginners to advanced, and you get to choose your preferred level with the help of our quick test to determine your level of Arabic to get started at the right level.

I’ve tried Arabic with another website, what makes yours different?

We have developed our own curriculum following our own 10years of research to determine what is the best method to follow to study Arabic or any other language, most people prefers a college/university setting to study if they had the time, that's why we have developed our program following a classroom settings where you will be guided every step of the way without jumping lessons or tasks to really absorb the content and learn in a step by step fashion with a strong foundation.

Why are the lessons taught in Arabic starting from level 3?

Because we teach in a step by step fashion making sure you cannot move on to the next lesson before passing the previous one, we feel that students should start studying exclusively in Arabic starting from level 3, the previous 2 levels provide a solid foundation to be ready for level 3 and 4, and with the added private classes that students can book to address any complications, you have all the tools to help you surpass any hurdles you may face.

Can I use the course material over and over again?

Yes you can use our Path to Arabic resources as often as you like and at anytime too and the good thing is that your progress and what you have completed can be tracked too.

Learning Arabic is not difficult if you have the motivation and determination to learn and succeed. Repetition and perseverance are essential in helping you to unlock your full potential to learn and achieve your goals.

Is my payment information secure?

Path to Arabic has taken strong measures to guarantee the security of all of your personal information. In partnership with our electronic payment processing gateway partner we have ensured that best practices for data security are applied at every level of our system and through every point of communication with any data that is needed to create your membership or perform billing tasks. Your payment data is also fully encrypted and stored separately from your personal details.

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