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  • Q.Do I get any Personal Teacher Support?

    A.Student surveys have suggested that the key reason many do not complete other language courses is that they’ve become frustrated by the lack of individual support. We do not make the same mistake and this key part of our program is the offer of assistance and guidance by our expert native speaking teachers through our Private Live Classes. This will help to ensure you will achieve your success and potential.

  • Q.Is my payment information secure?

    A.Path to Arabic has taken strong measures to guarantee the security of all of your personal information. In partnership with our electronic payment processing gateway partner we have ensured that best practices for data security are applied at every level of our system and through every point of communication with any data that is needed to create your membership or perform billing tasks. Your payment data is also fully encrypted and stored separately from your personal details.

  • Q.Is learning Arabic difficult?

    A.Learning Arabic is not difficult if you have the motivation and determination to learn and succeed. Repetition and perseverance are essential in helping you to unlock your full potential to learn and achieve your goals.

  • Q.Can I use the course material over and over again?

    A.Yes you can use our Path to Arabic resources as often as you like and at anytime too and the good thing is that your progress and what you have completed can be tracked too.