In This FREE Video Training you'll:

discover How The amazing arabic root system can help you to learn arabic faster and easier.

Even if you don't like studying or have failed in the past...

In this powerful, eye-opening webinar we'll reveal the exact Arabic Root system that can help you to master Arabic easier and faster than ever thought possible...

Find out about the shortcut to speaking Arabic.
Discover how the simple Arabic root system can help you to shortcut to speaking Arabic without memorising all the Arabic vocabulary

How to build a deeper connection with the Holy Quran.
Arabic is one of the most specific languages in the world. Finally, you will spot subtle nuances that are impossible to translate.

Revealing the breakthrough 5-step formula.
A new structured approach can lead you on a straight path towards fluent Arabic… without headaches and frustration. 

  • and much, much more...

  • This webinar is perfect for you if:

    You think Arabic is way too hard for you.
    You have struggled with learning Arabic before.
    You don’t have time to study for hours every day.
    You would like to find out the best methodology to learn Arabic.

    Our method already helped thousands of Muslims — who thought they’d never speak Arabic — to achieve their goal. All from the comfort of their own home...
    and much faster than traditional, out-of-date learning methods. 

    Mahdi Abdallah

    “You will never forget the moment you first read the Quran the way it’s meant to be read. In original Arabic.

    It is always a powerful experience — even after teaching countless students — to see their eyes light up when they’re discovering the TRUE words.”

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