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Like any language, Arabic is full of unique phrases and idioms. Many are amusing, and most are essential for getting by in an Arabic-speaking country. Discover phrases for a range of essential topics to learn Arabic online. Business Arabic (including what language to use at an interview and how to remain professional), travel Arabic, grammar, the language of love and more.

Arabic Alphabet

  • The Arabic alphabet

  • How to pronounce Arabic letters.

  • How to connect letters Alef ا to Thaza ذ

Arabic Alphabet

  • Continuing pronunciations and connecting Arabic letters.

  • How to pronounce Arabic letters.

  • More letters from Raa ر to Ghaen غ

Arabic Alphabet

  • Concluding the Arabic letters.

  • How to pronounce all the Arabic letters.

  • How to connect letters Faa ف to Yaa ي

Arabic Vowels

  • Vowels (Altashkeel) - important for pronunciation.

Demonstrative Adjectives

  • The vocabulary

  • How to use demonstrative adjectives - the first step of saying short sentences in Arabic.

  • How to say “What is this?” and how to respond simply

Masculine and feminine

  • Further learning on how to say “What is this?” but this time for masculine and feminine

  • The feminine ending (Taa marbota)

  • How to ask with “Who?”

Question (yes and no question)

  • New vocabulary

  • How to ask a question with “Hal” - A question that is always answered by “Yes or No”.


  • New vocabulary

  • How to use greetings, for example, “How are you?”, “What’s your name?”, “Where are you from?”, etc. This is start to making short dialogues in Arabic

Pronouns (singular)

  • New vocabulary

  • How to use singular pronouns “I, You (masculine and feminine), He and She”

The definite article

  • The definite article - The (Al)

  • Sun and moon letters - required to aid pronunciation and also listening

The definite article

  • The Nesba adjective

Note - It can be translated as the adjective of the noun and in this lesson you can use it for the nationality. So you can talk about your nationality or other different nationalities. This is another method of conversing and making more short dialogues.

Number 0 to 10 and the days of the week

  • Numbers starting from 0 to 10, and

  • The days of the week

Possessive endings and how to describe yourself and your family

  • Possessive endings for singular pronouns and how you can describe yourself and your family members such as my mother and father and make more sentences.

Idaffa (possessive construction)

  • The Idafa - which can be translated as possessive construction

With Idafa you will be able to translate the English sentences that have (‘s) or the preposition (of)

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