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Video classes

  • HD Videos - Play. Pause. Repeat. Speed Up.
  • We’ll guide your Path To Arabic with over 200 video lessons. Watch recordings of real teachers who know the ins and outs of the language.
    The lessons are structured to direct you precisely on the way of least resistance.
    And just to be safe, there are TWO versions of every single video. So that you can learn from 2 different teachers - both with unique styles. Pick which one suits you best and get going.

    VALUE $97 p/m

  • 2 Private Classes Per Month - Personal Support
  • Get the same level of personal care as with a private teacher - without ever having to step outside your house.
    Throughout your journey, you will have access to 2 private classes per month with your own tutor. The perfect time to ask questions and practice speaking 1-on-1.
    All tutors are hand-vetted professionals - equipped to give you an enjoyable learning experience.

    VALUE   $40 p/m

    Private classes
    New Arabic Unlock

  • Arabic Unlock 3.0 Software
  • Track your progress and see your improvements. By doing a test after each lesson you can find out what’s going great and where you need to do a little more. This software keeps you well on track and ensures you don’t stray from your goals.

    VALUE  $27 p/m

  • Arabic Engage 3.0 Software
  • Learn faster than you ever thought possible. Our structured and proven “Arabic Organic Immersion” approach helps you stimulate your grey cells by keeping the learning experience fun, easy and exciting.

    VALUE   $27 p/m

    New Arabic Engage
    Arabic Media platform

  • Path To Arabic Media Platform
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy our carefully selected Arabic (MSA) documentaries, films and cartoons. Your brain will absorb the Arabic language in your unconscious mind without you putting any effort.

    VALUE   $97

  • Arabic From The Roots ebook
  • Our carefully structured ebook lays out our unique approach to teaching Arabic in a step-by-step way so you can easily understand.

    VALUE   $97

    Arabic from the Roots

  • Certificate For Each Level Completed
  • Achieve a certificate for each level you complete. Showcase you achievement and open doors to opportunities.


    Live Group Classes

  • Unlimited Live Group Classes - Coming Soon
  • Practice Arabic with your fellow students. We will give you engaging and fun scenarios to practice your conversational skills.

    VALUE $97 p/m

    Total Value: $482  per month

    Other Features and Benefits

    Simple Road Map to Success

    You're not a great learner - Our fool-proof system guides you through all the steps without setbacks and frustrations.

    Learn At Your Own Pace

    You are too busy - Decide for yourself when you learn and how. The course has been designed to work around you at your own pace.

    Structured Learning

    You're a beginner, intermediate or even advanced - It doesn't matter where you start. Our system is for everyone.


    Regular Price: $97 p/m |Save 70%

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    Justin Glasgow - UK

    Path to Arabic is an amazing way to learn. The videos are very useful and really help to show you what to do. I can't wait to complete each lesson as it gives me a great sense of achievement and shows me how I'm doing.

    Kaylene Dongell - US

    I signed up for Path to Arabic only two weeks before my trip to Jordan. I was amazed at how clear and well thought out the teaching methods were and how much I was able to understand in such a short period of time. I never dreamed I would be able to sound out the street signs! What a joy it is to ask someone what a word means and see their face light up because they understood my Arabic! This course has given me the confidence I needed to learn to speak Arabic fluently. Shukran

    Ali Kullatain - UK

    PathtoArabic has really been a simple and straightforward path to Arabic for me, I love the way the lessons are structured and also the way it’s teached. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is really dedicated in learning Arabic.




    Join with confidence - Your satisfaction is our number 1 goal

    After giving Path to Arabic a try, if you find the program isn't for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

    Our team are on standby to help if you have any issues, just let us know how we can help you, and if we can't satisfy your requirements, we'll issue your refund.

    Here's the full overview of everything you are getting:

    HD Video Tutorials – Our Flagship [A $97.00 Per month value]
    2 x Private Classes Per Month – [A $40.00 per month value]
    Free Bonus Unlimited Live Group Classes– [A $97.00 per month value]
    Arabic Engage 3.0 Software – [A $27.00 per month value]
    Arabic Unlock 3.0 Software – [A $27.00 per month value]
    Arabic From The Roots ebook – [A $97.00 Value]
    Path to Arabic Media Platform  – [A $97.00 Value]
    Priority Support From Our Experienced Native Teachers
    Certificate For Each Level Completed
    Plus this bonus,  Unlimited Live Group Classes– [A $97.00 per month value]

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    Regular Price: $97 p/m |Save 70%

    Just $29 p/m Today





    Join with confidence - Your satisfaction is our number 1 goal

    After giving Path to Arabic a try, if you find the program isn't for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

    Our team are on standby to help if you have any issues, just let us know how we can help you, and if we can't satisfy your requirements, we'll issue your refund.

    Still got questions?
    Here's the answers to some of your burning questions...

    What books do you use to teach Arabic?

    We are proud to use our own content with a curriculum that was developed by our highly qualified teachers to separate ourselves from other programs to avoid repetition, and most importantly develop a program that is effective.

    Can I choose my preferred teacher for the private classes?

    Students can choose and select their preferred teacher for private classes in order to find the best suitable teacher for them, as we recognize that each teacher have their own teaching style.

    I do not know how to read or write Arabic, will I be learning this?

    Yes, as we have developed our program to teach people to read, write and speak Arabic from beginners to advanced.

    Will I be able to converse in Arabic fluently once I complete your course?

    Yes, if you study and dedicate yourself, you will be able to converse fluently in Arabic.

    I know how to speak Arabic, but I want to advance my level, is this course right for me?

    Yes, we have developed our program over 4 levels from beginners to advanced, and you get to choose your preferred level with the help of our quick test to determine your level of Arabic to get started at the right level.

    I’ve tried Arabic with another website, what makes yours different?

    We have developed our own curriculum following our own 10years of research to determine what is the best method to follow to study Arabic or any other language, most people prefers a college/university setting to study if they had the time, that's why we have developed our program following a classroom settings where you will be guided every step of the way without jumping lessons or tasks to really absorb the content and learn in a step by step fashion with a strong foundation.

    Why are the lessons taught in Arabic starting from level 3?

    Because we teach in a step by step fashion making sure you cannot move on to the next lesson before passing the previous one, we feel that students should start studying exclusively in Arabic starting from level 3, the previous 2 levels provide a solid foundation to be ready for level 3 and 4, and with the added private classes that students can book to address any complications, you have all the tools to help you surpass any hurdles you may face.

    Can I use the course material over and over again?

    Yes you can use our Path to Arabic resources as often as you like and at anytime too and the good thing is that your progress and what you have completed can be tracked too.

    Is my payment information secure?

    Path to Arabic has taken strong measures to guarantee the security of all of your personal information. In partnership with our electronic payment processing gateway partner we have ensured that best practices for data security are applied at every level of our system and through every point of communication with any data that is needed to create your membership or perform billing tasks. Your payment data is also fully encrypted and stored separately from your personal details.

    Still got questions?
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