Our Path to Arabic Journey

Our PTA Story - Path to Arabic was started by two friends, Ahmed Hassan and Samir Nadir.

Frustrated by the lack of a cost-effective, practical and credible teaching program for learning the Arabic Language it was Ahmed who approached Samir, a fluent native Arabic speaker about his problems and experiences. It was agreed by both that a proper system for learning Arabic was needed.

It is our aim to enable others at all levels wanting to learn this wonderful language to go on to achieve their ultimate path to Arabic whilst enjoying the process of learning without having the problems Ahmed has experienced.

You can learn Arabic with Confidence

Together with our team of experienced native Arabic teachers with years of experience between them the Path to Arabic teaching program was developed around the same successful curriculum and teaching methods applied in Egyptian schools.

We provide over 200 high quality videos for you to watch and to learn from and all of our Arabic course content is supplemented with interactive activities and content specifically designed to be both fun and educational. We don't teach any particular Arabic dialect just straightforward Modern Standard Arabic. You can read our blog for reasons why.

We also provide a carefully designed set of exercises and tests to assess what you've learnt that will help you to focus on your new Arabic skills and give you the confidence to move onto the next level.

We'll also ensure that you are always learning new Arabic material, not just memorisation or translation and our skilled and highly trained Arabic language teachers will support and help you every step of the way.

Learn Arabic your Way

The other thing you'll notice with our Modern Standard Arabic e-learning system is that you will set and determine your own pace and goals. Arabic courses that pressure you to learn at their pace suffer high dropout and failure rates and one of our key aims is to ensure that you remain engaged and focused to succeed.

An effective online Arabic curriculum needs to help you to stay focused on the language you are learning. That means that when you've reached a point in your training your native language will eventually be eliminated from the Arabic training program. Therefore by the time you get to Level 3 you will be learning by using Arabic exclusively.

Our Core Values

We are committed to our core values:

  • To deliver high quality products and services to maximise people's learning of the Arabic language.
  • To bring better value for money by developing and innovating so that we can make learning more exciting and inspiring.
  • To enable everyone to achieve their goals and to enjoy their successes with the Arabic language. It's because we're passionate about Arabic, the culture and we want to provide all the help and assistance to all of our students.